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Gangsaw segments

Gangsaw segments are one of the most advanced tools to cut large size blocks which cannot be sawn on block cutters due to limitation of depth of cutting. We provide gang saw segments for 2.0 - 3.5 mm thickness blades. Our segments are designed so as to give even cut in the thickness in slabs with no variations and chatter marks. We specialize in cutting from most dense marble to the softest marble. We usually provide a height of 9.5 mm with no base but however we can also provide 10 mm height segments.We provide segments either in taper or in box as per your requirements.Our Gangsaw segments are very famous in India, Egypt,Turkey, Jordan and Europe.


We also provide mono dressing segments for marble block squaring/dressing. These are usually provided in box size, however we can also give them in taper size.

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